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REVIEW: Petit St.Vincent Island Grenadines

A private-island oasis - not just for the ultra wealthy anymore

There are places all over the world that cater to the ultra wealthy. We often hear about chateaus, opulent villas, exotic locations where the rich might hang their vacation hats, but sometimes these places are also accessible to the not-so-rich and famous.

In the southeastern corner of the Caribbean there is an archipelago known as the Grenadines. These islands are members of the tiny nation of St.Vincent located just south of St. Lucia and Martinique.

This island is the complete paradise experience in a practically untouched habitat.

One of the most surprising things about this resort was its respective affordability considering the level of service, rooms and amenities, and if you consider a low-season or one of their special options you will definitely be surprised.

Open from November 1 to July 31, some lodges offer two and three bedroom options if you are traveling with family and friends or simply need to have space to wander. This resort caters to quite a variety of international guests, which keeps the staff on their toes.

The price is all-inclusive with a few exceptions: Alcohol, spa, scuba diving and exterior excursions are charged separately. What is included is free range of the island with some great hiking trails and views, paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, snorkeling, yoga platforms, transportation via boat from Union Island (where you will land) to the resort, and if you are into kite surfing bring your gear you will not be disappointed.

There are two dining rooms, one literally on the beach in the sand under cabanas while palm trees shade your table and breezes gently blow the napkin off your lap. The main restaurant on the hill boasts a private wine cellar re purposed from an immense stone water cistern and stocked with an international variety of options ready for tastings even from the most discerning sommelier.

The outside of your private courtyard is equipped with a flag system. This communicates your needs to the staff without ever having to interact directly – perfect for the ultimate privacy or reclusive personality. Yellow flag up means “I need service/assistance/something” and there is a little note pad for you to write your request. Just put it in a little box by the flag and voila! Your caretakers, who pass no less than every 15 minutes, will take care of everything. Red flag up means “please leave me alone under penalty of death” or something to that effect. At the very least, that is how they treat a red flag.

Most of the PSV staff live on the island and take exceptional pride in their work and contributions. Their commitment is becoming multi-generational, as there are fathers who have passed on the trade of caring for the guests and the island onto their sons.

The resort is currently undergoing a huge reef restoration. Their initial efforts include growing varieties of coral and planting them back into the surrounding reefs. The PSV staff play a vital role since they are the ones who grow, tend to, plant and maintain the coral. The resort took the time and expense to scuba-certify their crew so they could be a part of the project. They are all very proud of their efforts and we as divers and keepers of the sea are proud of them.

I commend PSV for their efforts in being eco conscious. Trash and refuse in the islands is a problem but PSV invested in proper incinerators and uses the energy from them to heat the water on the island.

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