It starts with one’s vision. A vision to hold a unique event and its core message that ultimately translates into successful business. With an ever increasing number of locations, hotels and suppliers in the marketplace and the level of competition, a strong, reliable partner is needed who has existing relationships globally and can immediately offer recommendations.

The event should engage the participant’s lifestyle and should clearly indicate the message of the host. Our successful sourcing strategy will engage our client’s vision, its personality, and image. Groups in Motion will find the client the best location making sure that only the mentioning of the location itself to the attendees will already set the pace for our client’s event. We will source the venue or hotel and negotiate according to the client’s budget.

Last minute bookings are usually an organizational nightmare for companies, however, with a guaranteed 24-hour turn around and 24/7 support of our clients, will be able to hold last minute events as if these were planned and prepared a long time in advance.

You need an airline ticket? No problem at all – due to our buying power we can offer excellent deals for your individual as well as group travel, issued within seconds.

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