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Our Founder. Connected, professional and trustworthy, we call him our ‘360° Consultant’. German by birth, European by heart, he speaks 5 languages and has lived and worked in many, many countries. Having worked in various operational, sales and senior executive management roles with luxury brands such as Althoff Hotel Collection, Kempinski and The Leading Hotels of the World, he prides himself on finding the best solution (with him good enough is simply not good enough) and getting the job done, no matter what. Thorsten is addicted to living and breathing life in motion. What would be his dream car? Maserati Quattroporte!


Our Managing Director. Effortlessly efficient, we call him our ‘Precision Consultant’. German by birth, he has decades of experience in an industry he calls his life. Having held various management positions in different German fulfillment & travel agencies, he prides himself on being a most reliable partner to his clients guaranteeing they get the attention and recognition they deserve. Ulrich is convinced of the fact that everything is indeed possible or “Geht nicht gibt es nicht” as he would call it. What is his biggest sports resolution? Finish the New York City Marathon.

Michael Halsall.jpg

Always seeing the bright side and a glass half full, we call him our ‘Positivity Consultant’. Born in England, Michael is a global citizen having lived all over the globe from Australia to Florida, Greece, Scotland and Sweden. He is a passionate professional who always injects his enthusiasm into whatever project he is working on, and tireless in the pursuit of finding the best solution. He has thirty years experience in luxury hotels having worked for brands such as The Savoy, Grace and Rocco Forte. Michael’s dream break? To sail around the Mediterranean for a summer with his family. 

Mary Davies
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Wil Rolon
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Julie Frederique

With    her    impeccable    planning   and multitasking skills, we call her our 'Implementation Consultant'.  She was born and raised in Southern  California, and  has been in the hospitality  industry   for  over 15  years.  Although  she has  a  degree in Business Marketing, Art History, and Forensics, her career    focus    has    been    in  Food  & Beverage and Events for the past 8 years, optimizing each event to its fullest potential.   She  has  a passion in  traveling  and  exploring  new Food & Beverage concepts worldwide.  Her  favorite  places  traveled thus far are Bali & Thailand. What’s  Mary’s idea of a perfect  date?  Watching  the  Charger’s Football  game with a large glass of Cabernet and a NY style Pizza.

Attentive to  detail,  solution oriented,  and  a long   time   professional in   the    hospitality industry,     we  call    him   our   ‘Compliance Consultant’. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY in a proud Puerto Rican family, he moved  to Romania   and   traveled    through    Europe

before returning to New York. He is happiest with his  wife, raising their  two  children who share   his  love   for travel.  Having   worked  as  Director  of   Housekeeping   at   multiple

world   recognized  brands   such  as  Hilton

Word   Wide,   Marriott  International,  Luxury Hotel  The Surrey and the very  unique Yotel,

he  has      shifted   his     career   to     focus predominately  on  providing  a healthy, safe environment  for  travelers  and events  post Covid-19. What is  next on  his  bucket list? Travel  across country with his family in a RV.

With a luxury travel background and a love for  all   things   logistics,   we call  her  our ‘Creativity Consultant’.  Born and raised in New York and of Haitian descent, Julie has a    genuine   passion   for    learning   and exploring  new cultures.  She  has a   long-standing  love  for  travel  and  events. Her passion for perfect event execution makes her an expert  comfortably   handling   any situation that comes her way. Julie’s motto is  to  live every day  like  it’s  your last and prides  herself  in  constantly evolving  and growing. What  is her  next  holiday  dream destination? Bora Bora!


By definition of the dictionary the word “angel” has several, versatile meanings. We picked two of them:

• formal: a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as beauty, purity or kindliness
• informal: a person who provides financial backing for some undertaking

Both explanations describe our angels perfectly – our shareholders are not only good looking but also kind and providing us with the financial backing to create this amazing company. All of them requested to stay in the background seeing their involvement as support for The Life in Motion Group and not to show off themselves. They love our industry, are seasoned professionals, and simply want to help growing a great idea. We think this is angel-like, don’t you agree? Hence we would like to use this opportunity to thank them from the deepest bottom of our hearts. You are our angels!

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